Each year, a new selection of Hante Adventure wilderness trips are offered. Whether they’re rock climbing in Colorado, whitewater paddling in North Carolina or trekking across the Blue Ridge Mountains, Hante participants are sure to come away from their experience with confidence and a strong connection to nature.

No previous experience is needed for any of these adventures, although being in good physical shape is necessary. Follow our Suggestions for Hante Preparation to ensure you are physically ready for the adventures that await.

All Hante participants and their parents must complete a Questionnaire before being considered for acceptance. To receive the Questionnaire, we must first receive the Hante Application and Deposit.


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Session 1: Hante Trails

Session 2: Hante Scotland

Session 2: Appalachian Trail Trek Virginia

Session 3: Hante Pacific Northwest

Session 3: Hante Rocks and Rivers

Previous Hante Adventures

Session 1: Hante Trails


Session 1        Dates  6/10/17 – 6/23/17 (14 days)        Grades: 7 – 11

Hante Trails (meets at Eagle’s Nest)
Deposit: $450
Tuition Amount: $2,480

Join us for our two week Hante Trails where you will spend time getting acquainted with the nuances of camping, hiking and trail building.  Spend the first 3 days base camping in Pisgah Forest processing all the skills you need for camping and backpacking.  You will also work on map and compass skills while exploring the surroundings in our backyard.  Then move on to two days of trail work on either the Appalachian Trail or in Pisgah where you will give back to the local community by helping to maintain the trail systems of our area.  After spending time working with our local hikers and conservationists, spend five days backpacking through the forest on the trails you’ll have come to know so well.

Hante Trails Itinerary

Hante Trails Equipment List

Hante Trails Course Goals and Summary

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Session 2: Hante Scotland


Session 2       Dates  6/25/17 – 7/14/17 (20 days)        Grades: 8 – 11

*Hante Scotland (meets at Charlotte, NC Airport)
Deposit: $450
Tuition Amount: $5,100 + group airfare from Charlotte, NC Airport

This summer Hante will be traveling to Scotland to backpack along the highland ways and volunteer at local farms in the Scottish Countryside.  The first 8 days of your trip will start with hiking along trails like the West Highland Way.  These trails take you along scenic countryside and through small towns and villages where life is simple and the views are sweeping.  Each night you will be in a different inn, hostel or hut, sharing space with other travelers and engaging with the local community on their way of life in rural Scotland.  Then move on to a week of volunteering at a small farm.  Here you will learn how families and communities live from the land, and give back by helping with the day-to-day life.  You may be sheering sheep, or picking produce to sell at the market, all while giving back to earn your keep.  Your final days in Scotland will be spent learning about the historic significance of the region.  You may be walking another trail, or based in a medieval castle and taking in the history, lore and tales of the land.

Hante Scotland 2017 Description and Itinerary

Hante Scotland 2017 Equipment List

Hante Scotland 2017 Goals and Summary

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Session 2: Appalachian Trail Trek Virginia


Session 2        Dates  6/25/17 – 7/14/17 (20 days)       Grades: 7 – 11

Appalachian Trail Trek Virginia (meets at Eagle’s Nest)
Deposit: $450  
Tuition Amount: $3,350

On this Hante, participants will spend time preparing and assisting with all the logistics required to backpack on the Appalachian Trail.  They will be hiking over 100 miles of the AT through the southern section of Virginia, including a section through the Grayson Highlands where wild ponies roam the balds.  After their long adventure they will spend a day zip lining through the green river gorge, giving their feet some much needed rest.  After this trip, participants will come away with solid backcountry backpacking and camping skills, and the knowledge required to create their own adventure!

Hante AT Trek VA 2017 Description and Tentative Itinerary

Hante AT Trek VA 2017 Equipment List

Hante AT Trek VA 2017 Goals and Summary

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Session 3: Hante Pacific Northwest


Session 3        Dates  7/16/17 – 8/4/17 (20 days)       Grades: 8 – 11

*Hante Pacific Northwest (meets at Sea-Tac Airport)
Deposit: $450
Tuition Amount: $4,650

On your Hante you will have the wonderful opportunity to travel both by land and sea in the various ecosystems of Northwestern Washington State.  With the group you will spend time learning how to camp and travel with all of your essentials packed into a kayak or a backpack.  Your journey will start with four days of Sea Kayaking in the San Juan Islands, north of Seattle.  For this journey you and a partner will pilot a sea kayak around and between the Islands, navigating the bays, inlets and currents under the guidance of seasoned kayak guides.  After exploring the coastal islands, you will drive to Olympic National Park, where you will embark on 2 6-day backpacking treks.  These routes will take you through low elevation rainforest, glacial passes, and many beautiful places in between.

Hante Pacific Northwest 2017 Description and Tentative Itinerary

Hante Pacific Northwest 2017 Equipment List

Hante Pacific Northwest 2017 Goals and Summary

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Session 3: Hante Rocks and Rivers


Session 3        Dates  7/16/17 – 8/4/17 (20 days)       Grades: 7 – 11

Hante Rocks and Rivers (meets at Eagle’s Nest)
Deposit: $450
Tuition Amount: $3,350

On your Hante you will have the wonderful opportunity to travel simply through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with a close community of friends and peers on local rivers, rocks and trails.  Your journey will begin at Eagle’s Nest Camp where you set goals for your trip with your instructors and peers.  The group will work on their paddling and climbing skills before setting off from campus.  From here you will sojourn out into the beautiful Western North Carolina watersheds to begin your 4 days of paddling local whitewater rivers.  After your trip on the local rivers, you will get to experience some of the Southeast’s most amazing climbing that we are so grateful to have adjacent to Eagle’s Nest Camp.  Campers will be working together on teamwork, communication and leadership during the climbing portion of the trip.  Camper’s will experience a progression to be confident and comfortable on the rock.  Camper’s will finally have the chance to practice their leadership skills by planning their backpacking trip in Pisgah Forest.  Instructors will be able to guide them through the process, but most importantly, camper’s get to take ownership of their experience with the instructors assisting them the entire time while they are on the trail.

Hante Rocks and Rivers 2017 Description and Tentative Itinerary

Hante Rocks and Rivers 2017 Equipment List

Hante Rocks and Rivers 2017 Goals and Summary

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Previous Hante Adventures


Cultural Exchange

  • Ghana, West Africa
  • Mexico
  • Ecuador and the Galapagos
  • Iceland
  • France
  • Spain

Wilderness Treks

  • Costa Rica
  • Appalachian Trail
  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Mt.Katahdin
  • Scotland
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Maine
  • Canadian Rockies
  • British Isles
  • Alaska
  • Australia
  • John Muir Trail
  • New Zealand

Whitewater Paddling

  • Southeast United States (Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee)
  • Southwest United States (Utah)
  • Canada

Rock Climbing

  • Southeast United States (Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee)
  • Colorado Rockies
  • Maine
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Eagle’s Nest Camp is an equal opportunity provider and is operated under special use permit with Pisgah National Forest and other National Forests as appropriate.

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