eagle’s nest camp covid-19 updates  

(Updated January 1, 2023)

Currently, we are evaluating the current situation with regard to COVID and will rollout our preliminary COVID policies and procedures shortly.  See below to view our COVID-related policies and procedures for the Summer of 2022:

As summer approaches we are growing more and more excited about welcoming campers to Eagle’s Nest! We are eager to provide an opportunity for children to get outside, be with friends, relax and have fun!  To do so, it’s important that we work hard to keep our participants, staff and our community healthy.  

Throughout the last two years we have worked diligently to create plans that are in line with guidance and recommendations from the NC Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Camp Association (ACA), and the Transylvania County Health Department. As we have all learned since the pandemic started, situations continually change and guidance is fluid. As such, our procedures are also tentative and subject to change. 

For the summer of 2022 we are requiring all staff to be fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19 (unless they have an approved medical or sincerely held religious exemption). We are also highly encouraging all participants to be fully vaccinated and boosted as well. As of May 20, 2022, the COVID19 booster is recommended by the CDC for ages 5 to 11 to be considered up to date on the COVID-19 vaccine.

Participants who are not fully vaccinated and up-to-date on the COVID-19 vaccines will be required to take a PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and will need to show proof of a negative result. All participants and staff will receive a rapid antigen COVID-19 test at arrival and again 24-hours later.

 We recommend that families consult with your medical provider if your child or a member of your household is at higher risk for COVID-19 complications to assess the risk of attending camp. Families who are not comfortable with the increased risk of contracting COVID-19 should not attend camp this summer.


Important Links:

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Risk Mitigation Procedures for 2022:

The following are our plans for COVID-19 mitigation for the summer of 2022.

Our strategy is based on responding to our local  community threat levels as defined by the CDC as well as community threat levels in areas from which our participants are traveling. Our approach will vary according to each level.

These steps are designed to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 while at Eagle’s Nest Camp and Hante Adventures. These policies and practices are intended to work in concert with our normal policies and practices related to cleaning, health, medical concerns, and infectious disease.

Prior to Opening Day
  • Participants who are not vaccinated and up-to-date on the COVID-19 vaccines are required to take a PCR test within 72 hours of arrival and produce a negative test result at arrival. 
  • All participants should practice COVID-19 safe behaviors and pay attention to COVID-19 symptoms for the 10 days prior to arrival. 
  • Participants or staff who have COVID-19 symptoms or are exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the 10 days prior to arrival should contact the Camp Leadership.
  • Arrival at camp will be a drive thru process. Families will remain in cars. 
  • All participants and staff will receive a COVID-19 rapid antigen test on arrival. 
  • All participants will be temperature checked at arrival. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to stay on campus.

Threat Level Response Plan While at Camp or on Hante Adventures:

All Levels:
  • Participants and staff take daily temperature screening in the morning while at camp. 
  • Test any symptomatic participant or staff member
  • Attention to hygiene and hand washing 
  •  Intentional Distancing when in closed spaces
Low Threat Level:
  • Optional mask wearing 
Medium Threat Level: At Medium Threat Level we will continue to practice the above and add: 
  • Optional mask wearing / Mask wearing encouraged for participants and staff who are in high risk categories or those who live with others in high risk categories. 
High Threat Level: At High Threat Level we will continue to practice the above and add: 
  • Small Cohorts
  • Consistent Face Covering Usage when within 6 feet indoors (not with cabin group)
  • Eating with cabin groups 


Procedures for an on-Campus COVID-19 Probable Case or Positive Diagnosis:

If a camper or staff member presents symptoms of COVID-19, we will isolate the individual and give them a rapid antigen test (which we stock in our Health Hut) followed by a PCR test if recommended by the Health Care staff.  If we receive any positive test results, we will continue to isolate the camper or staff member.  Participant’s parent or guardian will be required to pick them up within 24 hours of being contacted. Camper tuition will not be refunded. Any participants who are not vaccinated and up-to-date on the COVID-19 vaccine who are in the same cabin group, table family, or in close contact with the sick participant or staff member will need to return home without refund. The Camp Director will reach out to families of those participants to keep them updated on the situation. We will also  consult with our local health department.