Employee Policies for Eagle's Nest Camp 2022

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  1. All camp employees are expected to attend All Staff Orientation unless special arrangements are made.

  2. Individual camp employee schedules are made to provide a minimum of two hours each day (not necessarily consecutive) not obligated to specific duties. In addition, the Camp will provide 24 consecutive hours off per week (non-accumulative). There are 9 time periods corresponding to the 9 weeks of duty during which a counselor may arrange a 24-hour day off. Time off for employees working in the Hante program will vary. Employees may take one night off from 5:30 pm until 12:00am and one Lunch Out from 12:15 – 2:15 each session. These are scheduled with approval of the camp administration.

  3. Hours of duty shall be described as all those hours in residence at Eagle's Nest excepting days off, nights off and lunches out. Camp employees are expected to be on campus except when signed out for scheduled days off, nights out or for approved quick trips (under 60 minutes) into town.

  4. Counselors and Administrators are a part of all camp activities, as are all campers, and are expected to attend generalized activities such unless otherwise directed.

  5. Weekly counselor meetings include all Interns, Counselors, and Administration and representation from the Health Hut and the Kitchen.

  6. If personnel are employed for a two-month period, the Camp will provide a three-day sick leave with pay for the entire two-month period for all camp employees.

  7. In the event of death in the family of the employee, illness in the family, or urgent business, leave will be granted in relation to individual circumstances at the discretion of the Camp Director, not to exceed three days with pay.

  8. Termination:
    1. Nothing in this Policy may be interpreted to change the EMPLOYEE AT WILL status of all employees. Employees may be dismissed without cause at any time.
    2. Termination may also occur in view of disregard of camp policies or in a breach of the ethical code of Eagle’s Nest as presented in the All Staff Orientation period. This includes repeatedly violating the community spirit of ENF by: having a negative attitude towards the program, participants or fellow staff, being disruptive, disrespectful, or unresponsive to participants, staff or administration or expressing a desire, through words or actions, not to be a part of the experience. Except as to those matters listed in paragraph 9 as grounds for immediate dismissal, dismissal due to breach of contract occurs after due deliberation by the full time Administrative Council and the Director.

  9. Violation of these policies will result in immediate dismissal:
    1. Possession, selling, giving away, using, or being under the influence of illegal drugs or counterfeit drugs on Eagle's Nest Foundation property or at any activity sponsored by Eagle's Nest Foundation.
    2. Using alcohol on ENF property or at any activity sponsored by Eagle’s Nest Foundation, or at anytime other than a scheduled day off or night out.
    3. Being mentally or physically impaired as a result of consumption of any intoxicating beverage at any time while on duty at ENF, within eight hours of returning from a scheduled day off or night out, or while in close proximity to participants.
    4. Sexual, physical, intimate, or other inappropriate relationships between employee and campers, students or junior counselors.
    5. Physical or mental abuse of any person, or child neglect of any kind.
    6. Committing indecent exposure or appearing nude on campus or at an Eagle’s Nest Foundation sponsored activity.
    7. Engaging in any activity, which exposes a camper or other person to an unreasonable risk of physical injury or psychological injury or distress.
    8. Any incidence of harassment or bullying, as defined in the ENF Harassment and Bullying Policy

  10. Staff members who are aware of employees breaking policies outlined in #8 or #9 must inform a member of the full time administration of the breach of policies. Failure to do so may be considered negligence and could result in dismissal.

  11. Employees are discouraged from visiting campers outside the context of their employment without the prior invitation and permission of the parent or guardian. This includes visits between campers and employee after completion of the program and/or employment, on or off premises. Employee should not establish relationships on social networking sites or cell phones with participants. When corresponding with a participant, employee is expected to do so in a manner that is consistent with the mission, philosophy and policies of Eagle’s Nest Foundation.

  12. Medical certificates are required and must be on file before employee arrives at Camp. All employees are required to have up to date immunizations.

  13. Eagle’s Nest Foundation is tobacco, vaping, and SMOKE FREE on all of its grounds, in all of its buildings, or at any activity sponsored by Eagle’s Nest.

  14. Employees are provided with laundry facilities, including detergent, after the completion of daily camp laundry, usually after 2:00 p.m. The laundry closes at 10:00 p.m.

  15. The camp phones, including internet access, are off limits to counselors and staff, except for camp business and emergencies. Personal cell phones and laptop computers may be used only in the staff lounge or while off duty and off campus. Employees may not keep laptops in cabins that house campers. Unless directed otherwise or in case of emergency, employees should not use personal cell phone for camp business.

  16. During Sessions I-III, all camp employees have an in-house “Staff Banking Account” through which they may make deposits or request cash advances on their paycheck. Payroll cash advances should be kept to a minimum and may be denied at the Camp Director’s discretion. All cash advances will be paid back to ENC by payroll deduction at the end of each session; any positive balance in a “Staff Banking Account” will be given to employee at the end of their contract or sooner upon request. All employees will also have an in-house “Canteen Account” through which personal purchases may be charged. Payment to ENC for such charges will be made by payroll deduction at the end of each session. If for any reason “Staff Banking” charge balances due ENC are not deducted from an employee’s paycheck, the employee agrees to be responsible for remitting payment to ENC by check or cash.

  17. Employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation as provided by law for on duty time. On the first of the month following employment, the employee may participate in the Eagle’s Nest Foundation Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan, a voluntary plan with TIAA-CREF. Details are provided in the plan’s Summary Plan Description (available upon request).

  18. Employees are asked to decline gratuities offered by parents of campers.

  19. Due to health and American Camp Association standards, we are unable to allow employees to bring their pets to camp.

  20. Employees should be prepared to be present and limit use of distracting technology such as social media, streaming videos, etc. while at camp except while on time off. Employees are responsible for all of their personal property brought to Eagle’s Nest or on Eagle’s Nest trips, including loss or theft.