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AUG. 7, 2013

A Special Visitor at Eagle’s Nest

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By Krista White, Registrar

ENF Camp Foal

This session Eagle’s Nest was lucky to have a very special visitor, a foal.  For those of you who don’t know, a foal is a baby horse.  This one was two days old and visiting from Kyle our property manager’s farm.  Horseback riders and non-horseback riders alike came down to the barn to meet this very special guest.  It was a wonder to watch her nurse and sleep, and explore her new world.

At first she was nervous to leave her mother’s side, but as time went on she became more confident.  Like many of our campers, as she was brave enough to step away from her mother’s side to try something new.  She learned to give kisses to campers and step in puddles, gaining balance and poise as the hours passed.  It was amazing to watch and learn from the simple interactions between mother and foal as she calmly yet observantly watched her foal grow.   When the time came for our little visitor to return home as mama was loading onto the trailer, the foal trotted back to the barn, not wanting to leave.

If you stay for a week or an hour, Eagle’s Nest has that something that makes you want to stay forever.  That foal will continue growing and learning and one day it may come back to the nest to help teach campers once again.