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AUG. 5, 2013

Air Guitar

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Last night, all of the cabins performed air guitar skits for the whole camp. Many of them dressed up in costumes, some of them wore face paint, ALL of them had big smiles on their faces. Throughout the evening of performances the Old Lodge was filled with laughter and applause.

Air Guitar is a long standing tradition at Eagle’s Nest. For many years now our campers have been performing these skits with their cabins on the first or second night of camp. I love these performances, and not just because the kids are so cute while they are performing. I love them because they help our campers settle in and grow in many different ways.

The first day of camp can make even the most veteran campers a little nervous, so it’s important to have some structured group activities that day. We like for those activities to be initiatives that give the campers a chance to get to know each other, learn to work together, and have fun. Creating and practicing an air guitar skit certainly fits those requirements.

We also want children to step out of their comfort zone a bit while they are at camp. For many campers, stepping up on stage in a silly costume, in front of the whole camp can be a challenge. Being greeted by thunderous applause and praise reassures campers that it pays off to take risks.

Finally, it’s also important for our campers to recognize that they are part of a community. Performing on stage with their cabin group helps them feel more connected to their new bunk mates and to the entire camp.