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FEB. 1, 2016

Ayana Brown, from Cabin Library to Camp Program Manager

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Ayana Brown, Camp Program Manager

Hello there! My name is Ayana Brown and I am the new Camp Program Manager. Though I am new in this position my history with Eagle’s Nest goes back a little further. Allow me to tell you why I love The Nest oh so much.

I started out spending parts of my summers at Eagle’s Nest when I was a young girl in Cabin Library. My very first summer started in tears. I cried when my parents dropped me off because I didn’t want them to leave. I was only a seven year old and I had never spent that much time away from home. My parents were also nervous, but they knew that I was about to have a magical experience. They were correct.

I spent the session running, laughing, and making friends that I still have today. The day came for my parents to pick me up. Again I cried, though the reason was completely different. I did not want to leave. I had made such fantastic memories swimming, going to Dolly’s, and watching the musical. I didn’t want it to end. What I’ve come to realize now is that it never does end. You can always return to the Nest and be welcomed with open arms.

Eagle’s Nest produces an energy that breeds friendship. I have been on staff with friends I made when I was in Cabin Library. That to me is just incredible. My mother actually gave me the idea to return to Eagle’s Nest as a staff member. She told me she wanted my younger sister to attend and asked me if I have ever thought about working there. I said no, but once she mentioned it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

During middle and high school,  I got super involved in sports and family and I moved to Marietta, GA. Things were different and I always thought of Eagle’s Nest, but I wasn’t sure when I was going to be able to make it back. After my mother mentioned the opportunity to be a staff member, I couldn’t let it slip away. It was an opportunity to create the magic that was once created for me.

My first summer on staff was the year 2012 and I have been back every summer since then. I returned to where it all began, Cabin Library. It is incredibly rewarding and surreal to create magic for campers. It truly brings me joy. I have been a cabin counselor, head counselor, JC coordinator, as well as chief of the Wohelo Tribe (Where my Buffs at?).

These last four summers have played a huge part as to who I am today and I am so incredibly thankful to be in this new position. I am able to work full time for an organization that has done so much for me. I am truly living a dream.

Ayana Brown, Camp Program Manager