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FEB. 27, 2014

Been All Around This World

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by Liz Snyder, Assistant Director

 There’s a song in the Eagle’s Nest Songbook called “I’ve Been All Around this World” that I find myself humming as I walk through airports and roll down highways from Maryland to Florida. After several months of traveling to spread the word about Eagle’s Nest’s programs, I feel a little bit like I’ve “been all around this world” (or, more accurately, this country). Since November, I’ve visited nearly 30 different cities across the United States and met countless wonderful families, many of whom will experience Eagle’s Nest or Hante Adventures for the first time this summer. I’ve also gotten to visit lots of current camp families who have generously hosted me in their homes and shown me around their cities. The opportunity to reconnect with campers during the winter and have a glimpse into their lives at home is really neat – I absolutely love it! My excitement for this summer builds each time I reminisce with them about their time at the Nest.

 There are several more camp parties on the calendar in the coming weeks, but I’d like to share a few pictures from my travels thus far.

 Daisy and Ella

Campers in Summerfield, North Carolina


I’ve really enjoyed traveling to Chicago for the past few years. We had two great camp parties there in November.


Representing all three programs (Camp, Hante, and The Outdoor Academy) in Nashville, Tennessee

 Steamboat Springs hike

I do my best to set aside time to explore the areas I travel to. This picture was taken on a gorgeous hike just outside Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

 David and liz

Catching up with a camper in Coral Gables, Florida

 Barnes-Santana Family

Camp family in St. Petersburg, Florida

St  Pete

Running alongside beautiful Tampa Bay was quite a treat. I visited St. Petersburg for the first time in January and had a blast.

 Manatees in DeLand

Manatees at Blue Spring State Park just outside of DeLand, Florida. The natural spring there is consistently 70 degrees, so it attracts manatees during the colder winter months. On this day there were 342 manatees in the area!

 girls on rail

We had over 60 people at our recent party in our Winter base – Winston-Salem…


Three former campers and Outdoor Academy students came to the Winston-Salem party and brought their “Future Nesters”. We can’t wait to see these kids in Cabin Library and Cabin 9 in about 6 years.

Camp parties are awesome! Would you like to host one in March or April? Please email me for more information.