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JUN. 27, 2014

Blue Ridge Blueberries

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Liz Snyder, Assistant Camp Director

X-Craft [ex-krahft]
1. The art of outdoor camping.
2. A wilderness class offered at Eagle’s Nest Camp that takes the art of outdoor camping to the X-treme. Includes long hikes in the mountains, a 3-day backpacking trip, and plenty of Type 2 fun.
x craft eating
In preparation for our upcoming 3-day, X-Craft recently adventured off campus to hike Cedar Rock in Dupont State Forest. Before embarking on our journey up the mountain, we ate a lunch of bagels, veggies, hummus, and tuna at the trailhead. It was very important that tuna be included in our meal, as we’re planning to make ultra-light backpacking stoves from the empty cans later this week. While eating, we spent some time studying a map of Dupont and identifying the different features of topographic maps we’ve been learning about. With full bellies, we cleaned up and hit the trail.

x craft view

The trail up to Cedar Rock is pretty steep, but our crew of strong hikers moved with ease. We walked through tunnels of thick Rhododendron, enjoying cool shade provided by the forest canopy. About halfway to the summit, we stumbled upon a great surprise – blueberry bushes! The berries were fat, ripe, and absolutely delicious. We huddled around the bushes, picking and eating and grinning. There are few things finer than enjoying wild blueberries in the summertime!

blue berries

Atop Cedar Rock, we were met with a breathtaking view of mountains as blue as the berries we’d just picked. It was a beautiful, clear day, so we could see for many miles into Pisgah National Forest. We spent some time relaxing in the warm sunshine and enjoying the electric blue sky before making our way down the trail and back to the van.

x craft buddies

We are so fortunate that the awe-inspiring landscapes of Dupont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest make up our “backyard”. Having the opportunity to explore those wild spaces is one that I am particularly grateful for, and I know the X-Craft crew feels the same way. In less than a week, we will take our exploration to the next level as we embark on a backpacking trip in Pisgah. Adventures await, and we can’t wait to experience them!