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JUL. 10, 2018

Cabin Campouts

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Much of the work done here at Eagle’s Nest Camp revolves around fostering a deep connection to and appreciation of the natural world. Nestled in a river valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our community is uniquely positioned to thoroughly engage with, learn about, and seek inspiration from our beautiful natural surroundings.

Cabin Campouts are an integral part of this mission. For one night each session, cabin groups venture into the woods — right here on Eagle’s Nest property and beyond — for a night of storytelling, smore’s, and sleeping under the stars. It’s a summer tradition we believe is important for intimately connecting children to all the natural wonders that surround them here at camp.

Providing campers with a space for quiet reflection in nature, away from the oftentimes busy routines of camp life, can be a regenerative and transformative experience for many campers, allowing them time to center themselves here at camp, in the present moment, and truly appreciate the beauty of this area. In addition to the opportunity to get close to nature, Cabin Campouts also encourage and cultivate independence, self-sufficiency, and teamwork skills, with campers often enjoying a sense of personal accomplishment that boosts their ability to handle other challenges, both in and outside of camp.

While some campers may have previous experience with camping, we recognize that sleeping outside might be a brand-new adventure for many. With this in mind, all staff at Eagle’s Nest actively take steps to ensure the safety, well-being, and enjoyment of every camper on these excursions by encouraging open-mindedness, especially in the face of something that might be challenging. By encouraging campers in this way, our ultimate goal is to foster in all participants a fun and positive expereince outdoors — one that might open possibilities for a deeper connection to and appreciation of the world around them.

Ask an Eagle’s Nester about their Cabin Campout experiences — they probably have some amazing stories to share!