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OCT. 15, 2013

Crafting Character

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by Susan Conley, Development Director

My daughter Madeline’s toughest choice when making her camp schedule is settling upon just one or two arts and crafts classes.  Ceramics, which she can’t do at home?  Basketry, where she is diligently increasing her level of skill?  Book binding, jewelry making, or drawing?  She is itching to be a bit older so she can try Batik and Stained Glass.

Susan basketry

Camp is a slice of heaven for the child who has always loved to create art.  She didn’t get it from me – I’m not much of a visual artist.  Sure, I can pull together something for a birthday party craft.  But it’s not my happy place the way it is for Madeline.  When she goes to Camp, she has the resources of materials and teachers who understand that side of her character in a way that I can only watch and appreciate.

It seems only fitting, then, to share with you our celebration of Madeline’s prizewinning fair entries, two of which were made at Camp.  Thank you, dear arts and crafts teachers, for teaching Madeline not only the skills but also the patience, perseverance, and critical eye that have helped her to grow in her abilities.  She is a happier child, and I a happier parent, because our remarkable counselors have been a part of her growth as an artist and a human being.