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AUG. 8, 2013

Eagle’s Nest Camp is Always Home

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By Paige Lester -Niles, Camp Director

The other night at the Square Dance I had the chance to spend a little time talking with one of our new campers. He had noticed that another boy in his cabin was having a little trouble with homesickness and was telling me that he hoped the boy would feel better soon. I asked the camper how he was doing and if he was enjoying his first year at camp. He quickly responded that he was a little homesick the first day at camp, but that now Eagle’s Nest felt like “home away from home” for him. I smiled, and laughed a little to myself; it was only Wednesday!

People have been calling Eagle’s Nest home for over 85 years now. Each year I hear about campers counting down the days until they can “come home again”. Throughout the year, I also get emails or hear stories from former campers who tell me that Eagle’s Nest felt like home for them. I know it is home for me. And I think that the reason that we feel so at home here is because we spend so much time working on creating a strong community where everyone has a place, each individual is important, and we all know that we belong.

On the same day that we had the Square Dance, I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet an 85-year-old woman who was a camper here in the 30ties. Her eyes lit up when we walked down the Quad and she saw that the cabin lay out, and even the landscaping of the trees, was the same as it was when she was a camper. And she was so excited to be back at camp and to see the Old Lodge, which she says looks exactly the way it looked when she was a camper here. As we were chatting, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a little bracelet. When she opened her hand and showed it to me, I was amazed to see that it had “ENC” across the front. She had received the bracelet when she was a camper, many, many years ago. It touched me to see that she still treasures a bracelet that she received when she was about 10-years-old. Obviously, Eagle’s Nest is home to her too..