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JUN. 30, 2015

Eagle’s Nest Camp Powered By Cho Chos

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Krista White, Camp Program Manager

At Eagle’s Nest Camp Cho Chos are our mystical magical dessert of preference.  Campers and staff alike barter their Cho Chos for traded chores or special rewards.  Cho Cho legend holds the baker Timmy Millsaps as their  inventor in the early 90’s.  They were affectionately named Cho Joes after another Eagle’s nest baker Josie Harris.  What exactly is a Cho Cho you ask?  A Cho Cho is a cross between a cookie and a brownie.  Basically a two inch thick cookie.


Cho Chos are made with love by our outstanding resident baker Ali Heston often with the help of one of our cabins doing morning bread making. To make enough for the entire camp it takes  50 eggs, 20 pounds of flour, 1 gallon of chocolate chips and additional ingredients.  After about an hour in the oven they are placed on a rack to cool. Ali says “The secret to the best Cho Chos is carryover baking, I take them out when they are brown on top, but they continue cooking to perfection while cooling in the pan”.  After that our kitchen staff slice them up and our campers devour them with glee each Saturday during our cookout.

Each person has their own description of the perfect Cho Cho.  For some size matters the bigger the better.  For others they are angling for that perfect corner piece crispy and crunchy on two sides.  A few people prefer to scoop out a spoonful of dough before they even hit the ovens.  For me there is only one type of Cho Cho and that is one with a dark moist lateral line of chewy goodness.

May you all find the peace that comes from eating the perfect Cho Cho. Yummmmmm!

Krista White, Camp Program Manager