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AUG. 6, 2014

Eagle’s Nest Rap

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Session 3 Strings and Things class

Here at Eagle’s Nest, we have a lot of traditions
Which you can all be part of on one condition:
Be nice, be you, be confident, and
Have fun whether you’re playing in the quad or the sand.
Wear shoes that can get wet and stay on your feet
To have a good day in the Walks and Waterfalls hear
But on the A-field wear closed toed shoes
Working as a team you’ll never lose.
Get 6 As and go to Big Scoop,
Counselor Switch day will throw you for a loop.
At lunch, the whole camp always sings,
And Saturdays mean cook outs (whoops cook ins) same thing.
Look Byron stood up every body applaud,
At cookouts Cho Chos taste so good it’s odd!
Rox “UGH!” that’s what we said
Nick Cannon found the kings that’s long dead.