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APR. 9, 2014

ENC Friendships Stand the Test of Time

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Anna Eleanor Jordan

I was lured from my home in quiet Brunswick, Maine to New York City last month when my literary agent sent me an invitation to a PI(e) Day party. I hadn’t seen Janet and Adam Guy in person for over 20 years, but I sent them a message via Facebook. I was coming to Manhattan, I told them. Could I crash on their couch? Their answer? Of course.

Adam and I toured Brooklyn under blue skies. Only a block from their beautiful apartment, I fell in love with the promenade, a wide stone walkway and park that provides an amazing view of the city. In picturesque Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), we enjoyed old and new architecture, a carousel, and community members taking advantage of warmer temperatures.

Anna on bench

In the city, we went to Times Square and Chelsea Market. We wandered through the kitchen and restaurant equipment shop, watched the mini donuts brown, and smelled spices at the spice shop. I couldn’t help but remember the Whole Kitchen at Eagle’s Nest and bread making mornings.


Next was a walk on the High Line, a raised freight train bed that’s been repurposed as a 1.45 mile public park. The landscape design includes self-seeded and wild plantings reminiscent of the flora that took root on the unused tracks. With an amphitheater and decks that extend beyond the main walkway there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the city. Adam and I used the time to talk about the various hikes, Hanté experiences, and outings we loved when we were campers.

Our walk ended at the Theater District where we took a moment under the marquis to recall the time he played Dodger to my Nancy in the camp performance of Oliver. Adam’s work with The Boy’s and Girl’s Club of America allowed us to see a preview performance of A Raisin in the Sun with Denzel Washington. The performance was wonderful. It’s themes of dreams, family, oppression and assimilation make it one of my favorite plays. After the performance, Mr. Washington did a Q & A with the group of young people from the Mount Vernon B&G Club (of which he is an alum).

There’s an ease about friendships born in the Nest. Coming together again after many years and miles, camp friends seem to pick up where they left off. Throughout the visit, Adam and I talked about mutual friends and who had kept in touch. We discussed our lives and our journeys that brought us to the present. As adults, the conversation included marriage, divorce, careers, children, and our hopes and fears about the future, but the heart was still the same.