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JUN. 24, 2015

From Camper to JC to Intern: Jesseca’s Journey so far.

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Jesseca Kusher, Garden Intern 2015

I know it’s really summer when the rhododendron starts to bloom. And, well, here at Eagle’s Nest there is no shortage of blooming rhododendron.

Hello all! My name is Jesseca Kusher and this summer I am one of the Garden Interns at Eagle’s Nest. This means I’ll be one of the many people who helps to bring fresh salads, herbs, and berries to the tables in the dining hall.

I was a camper here at Eagle’s Nest for many seasons, and one of my favorite things about camp was always the incredible food. At camp virtually everything we eat is from here in our garden or locally in the surrounding valley. Even the hamburgers eaten at cookouts come from right around the corner at Everett Farms! On top of eating super tasty local food here at Eagle’s Nest, campers get to take part in bringing the food to the table. Whether that’s done baking Cho-Chos with their cabin during “Bread Making” or helping tend the garden—it’s exciting to have such a close connection to the food we eat.

One of the things I’m looking forward to most this session are the “Garden Twilights.” Each session the every cabin participates in at least one “Garden Twilight” in which the campers spend some time in the garden after dinner before “Evening Activity.” Cabins enjoy learning about the organic garden, turning the compost heap, and sometimes eating ripe blueberries when they’re done. As a Garden Intern I’ll be guiding campers during these Twilights, and I couldn’t be more excited for Session 2 to begin!

Right now it’s so nice to see that the campers of Session 1, our garden manager Ryan, and the other interns have worked some magic down in the garden. The carrots and greens so far look super healthy and yummy! Soon they’ll be harvested for salads and maybe even some roasted veggies come Session 2. It’s truly amazing to see the giving circle here at Eagle’s Nest. From the garden to the kitchen and the table with the help of campers all along the way—it’s a genuinely rewarding experience that we’re so lucky to offer here at The Nest.

Jesseca Kusher, Garden Intern 2015