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FEB. 13, 2015

Heart Rocks Rock

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Liz Snyder, Assistant Camp Director

Picture this, if you will: you’re walking through a creek on the Eagle’s Nest campus. You move slowly upstream, the chilly water sending shivers through your toes. Each step is deliberate as you navigate the slippery stones beneath the surface. You glance up quickly to see a chubby squirrel making its way up a White Pine beside the creek. Eyes back on the water, you continue the journey. All of a sudden, bright sunlight reflects off an object on the creek’s floor and catches your eye. You stop abruptly as you realize what it is, and bend down to confirm your discovery. You can’t believe it; you’ve been searching for years! It’s almost as if it was waiting there just for you. You reach down and pull it from the stream and admire it as it rests on your palm. You’ve found it – your very first heart rock.

Heart rocks are exactly what they sound like: rocks that are shaped like hearts. Discovering them is a joyful experience, as they can be difficult to find. Whenever one catches my eye, I slow down and admire it for a while. Cliché as it may sound, heart rocks make me think of the people and places that I love and remind me to give thanks for them. I don’t always take them with me when I come across them; in fact I almost always leave them in their special place. There are a few, however, that I’ve picked up along the way.

Rocky mountain heart

I found this heart rock on the summit of Grays Peak, a 14,000 ft. mountain in Colorado, while hiking with two of my best friends (who happen to be Nesters as well). 

Quad heart rock

This is an especially exciting find – a heart-shaped Quad rock! I found it exactly as it’s pictured, sitting on a wooden stair near Sikwayi.

Actual heart shaped rock

As you can see, this rock is a little different – it’s shaped like an actual human heart. It holds great significance, as I used it five years ago during my interview to work at Eagle’s Nest. I didn’t realize that it was shaped like a heart until years later; I couldn’t have found a more perfect rock for the job.

Have you ever found a heart rock? We want to hear your stories and see your pictures! You can post them on our Facebook page or email them to Liz at Share the love!

Liz Snyder, Assistant Camp Director