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JUL. 13, 2016

James and the Giant Peach Opens Tonight

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Paige Lester-Niles, Camp Director

Tonight is the night! After months of anticipation, and 2 ½ weeks of practice on the part of our campers, the Eagle’s Nest Camp musical opens tonight, and I can’t wait to see it! There are so many reason that I love the camp musical (one of them being that I directed many Eagle’s Nest musicals in my early years at camp) but I think that the number 1 reason that I love the musical is that it brings out the best in all of the Eagle’s Nesters. I love watching the campers gather their courage as they step onto stage, and I find that their smiles and laughter bring an even bigger smile to my face. I also find my heart warmed by the tremendous support of the audience, their camp friends and counselors.

Last night, the cast of James and the Giant Peach gave us a musical preview after dinner in the Dining Hall. I was blown away by their enthusiasm and talent! I know that we’re all in for a treat tonight. And I’m so pleased that the performers will go to bed filled with pride and boosted confidence.

For more information about the camp musical, please read my article in The Eagle from this spring