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DEC. 19, 2013

Look Behind the Curtain – The Annual Fund

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Susan Conely, Development Director

On the best days in Pisgah Forest, it feels like the magic “just happens.” Sometimes, that’s the case. Most of the time, though, there is a depth of activity that our campers and students don’t see.

One of the things that goes on behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain at ENF is the annual fund, our primary fundraising vehicle. 14% of ENF’s revenue this year is slated to come from donations. Where does this money go? Straight back into our students and campers in the form of scholarships, campus improvements, and professional development for our staff and faculty.

The annual fund is a critical piece of our mission. This year, 93 campers and 22 students received financial aid at some level. Imagine if we hadn’t been able to provide experiential education, promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character, to these young people. What a loss that would have been to them and to this community!

You’ve probably received a letter or email about giving. If you haven’t read it already, I ask you to do that today. Another behind the curtain tip: pleasant ENF people work hard to create those messages!

Are OA, Camp and Hante important to you? Do you want others to be able to have that experience? Your gift, at any level, will provide energy and possibility to another generation of remarkable young people.

The annual fund that will close on December 31 will determine what happens behind the curtain to prepare a responsible budget for next year. Your gift will directly influence how much we can award in scholarships and what campus projects can go forward.

Please make your gift today, then pass this blog along to your friends who also value The Outdoor Academy, Eagle’s Nest Camp, and Hante Adventures. Ask them to join you in setting up the magic next year.