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JUN. 25, 2014

Mischief Making at Camp

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Paige Lester-Niles

Summer Camp, by nature, is a lot of fun for kids (and their counselors). How could it not be? You get to spend time, outside (instead of at school desks), laughing, playing and exploring with about 144 friends from across the country and the world (this session we have campers from China, Columbia and England with us). You get to try new things, sing loudly, and instead of walking in straight lines down elementary school halls, sometimes you walk blind folded through the woods.

tables on field
The Fun Meter seems to crank up during Session 2 when the Huck Finn Added Adventure starts. Huck Finn is a special group of 8 campers who spend the middle week of Session 2 floating down the French Broad River on a large wooden raft. Before they leave, they typically make a little mischief – a la Huckleberry Finn. Last summer they actually stole the camp bell, and we had to wake up all of the campers with pots and pans from the kitchen! Today they “stole lunch” by taking all of the tables, chairs, benches and foods out of the Dining Hall and setting them up on Cabin 7 field. Lucky for the rest of us it was a fun prank and we got to enjoy lunch outside.

eating outside
Of course, Huck’s mischief making is contagious, so the fun keeps circling around. During third period today the Best of the Nest class covered their faces with shaving cream and then tried to get Cheerios to stick to them. I happened to walk by in the middle of it all, and it didn’t take long before my face was covered too (and since there was an unsuspecting counselor nearby – it wasn’t long before he was covered in shaving cream too).

best of the nest shaving cream