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JUN. 16, 2014

More Than Guacamole

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Krista White, Program Manager

One of Eagle’s Nest’s core values is Community.  By far my favorite community at camp is the Table Family.  Each session campers and staff are given a family that they sit with in the dining hall.  Typically there are two counselors and six campers all varying in ages.  Each family is unique in its own way. Some families are loud and energetic others are constantly engrossed in telling jokes, riddles or stories. Every family makes sure that each member’s plate is full then cheers or gives thanks together before eating.  “Cheers to guacamole and new friends” is one of the best I have heard. 


This community is so special in many ways.  Not only do you share every meal at camp with them for two or three weeks, you share your experiences.  Telling stories of classes past and adventures about to be had.  The table family checks in with each other three times a day.  With your table family you try new foods or even a bight of some old ones just to be sure you haven’t changed your mind about not liking them.  My table son Philip and I each ate an olive yesterday to give them another chance.  It wasn’t as bad as I remembered but I never would have eaten it without the encouragement of my table son. 

Table families, like tribes, last forever.  You become so close to your camp family that for years to come you see former table brothers and sisters in the quad and share a special hug or fond memory with them.  It is the ties like this that create the Eagle’s nest community I cherish.