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MAR. 3, 2015

New Neighbors? Maybe you could be Ours!

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Cain Cox, Eagle’s Nest Trustee

Over the past 88 years, Eagle’s Nest has seen a lot of change in the Little River Valley. More is coming, right alongside our campus. Recently, the owners of a 31-acre tract along our border put their land up for sale. This property has beautiful long range views of the valley, a nice road already cut in, many wonderful building sites, and of course the most amazing next door neighbor!

ENF has worked for many years to help preserve and protect the rural feeling of the Little River Valley. Teaching our campers and students the importance of being good stewards to our land and community has been a key aspect of our mission to promote the natural world and the betterment of human character. As part of our long range planning, we have worked diligently for the last three years to place 100 acres of our own campus under a conservation easement. This measure will ensure that we protect our streams, forests, and fields for future generations. It will also help us create another teaching tool. As the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy assesses our land and monitors our management of it, our own campers and students will participate in the work of exploring and documenting its natural features.

3 - Top of Road toward Cascade Lake

Given the centrality of careful, informed land stewardship to our work, ENF knows the importance of good neighbors. So the Foundation is reaching out to our larger community with this news of transition—and opportunity—on our southern flank. Do you or someone you know have an interest in owning 31 beautiful acres next to a thoughtful and vibrant neighbor like Eagle’s Nest? The property would make an ideal private estate or could perhaps be subdivided into several parcels.

If you are interested, email ENF Trustee Cain Cox at or call her at (828) 242-7707.

Cain Cox, Eagle’s Nest Trustee