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JAN. 14, 2015

On the Eagle’s Nest Pathway

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Noni Waite-Kucera, Executive Director

Semester 40 of The Outdoor Academy opened last Saturday under sunny cold skies. Twenty eight fresh faces gathered on Cabin 7 field, each one full of excitement and wonder about what lay ahead on their four month journey called OA.   Eleven of those students are also campers and Hante participants.  Some have only had one summer at Eagle’s Nest Camp or Hante, but several are here this semester as a continuation of their path at the Nest that began when they were six years old.

Eagle’s Nest is one of a very few experiential education centers that offers a partnership with  parents and families that spans all grades and stages of development starting the summer after kindergarten and running through the High School years.  Beginning with the very basics of simply learning how to get from class to class and be away from home as a very young person and a first time camper all the way through deep discussions about ecosystems, community building and being a leader of the day at OA, Eagle’s Nest is here as a partner with your family.

It is remarkable to see the lessons learned each summer carry into an OA semester with our campers and Hante participants.   As the parents left on Saturday and the new semester circled up for one of their first times, I was not surprised to see one of our campers spring up and begin leading a group game.  As a young camper he was mentored by those who were older and more experienced.  On Saturday he knew it was his moment to take the helm and lead those who were experiencing Eagle’s Nest for their first time.

The Outdoor Academy is accepting applications now for the 2015-16 school year.  If your child is in the 9th grade I highly encourage you to explore The Outdoor Academy as part of their Eagle’s Nest experience.

Noni Waite-Kucera, Executive Director