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SEP. 30, 2014

Precious Spaces Everywhere You Go

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Noni Waite-Kucera, Executive Director

One of my favorite places on Eagle’s Nest campus is our garden – full of life, energy and potential at every turn. Ryan, our Garden Manager has been doing a beautiful job of creating a menagerie of gardening beds, each one utilizing a different technique, a different amount of space or special growing mediums suited to very particular needs. I have been thrilled with what our campers and students have learning about composting, soil enhancement, planting, weeding (yes lots of weeding), harvesting and preservation. These skills they are learning are easily carried home to create gardens both large and small.

This month I have been traveling a good bit connecting with Eagle’s Nesters across the Southeast and I had a terrific find in the middle of Washington, DC where I least expected it. There, in the shadows of the Washington Cathedral was a precious space, very like our garden at Eagle’s Nest, called the Newark Street Garden. I was totally enthralled with this eclectic array of small plots, each one hosting a different pattern, plants, artwork, insect life and so much more. In my three day stay I rambled through these gardens each day taking in the beauty and the potential of all that was there. By the end of my DC stay I was ready to head back to Eagle’s Nest with new energy for encouraging our campers and students to be that person who has a garden at their home or who helps to start a community garden in their neighborhood. Next time you are at Eagle’s Nest head on down to our precious space and get inspired for what you can do!

garden 5

garden 3

garden 2