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SEP. 1, 2015

Summertime is Filled with Highlights

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Paige Lester-Niles, Camp Director

It’s been three-weeks (basically a camp session) since camp ended and I moved back to my “School Year” home in Winston-Salem. In the time that I’ve been home I’ve been settling back into my routine in the city, helping my kids start the school year, and working on adjusting to a daily life that doesn’t include dancing with abandon at Lodge, singing after lunch, and the perfectly roasted marshmallow – among other things. As always, after a terrific summer at Eagle’s Nest, I find myself really missing summer and camp.

To keep me inspired through the winter, after each summer at camp I like to make a list of the “highlights” from the summer. Like most summers, this year’s list is long and includes:

  • Having “Boys’ Night” and “Girls’ Night” at Sliding Rock during Session 1 so that all of the campers got to experience the thrill of plunging into freezing water at the end of a natural rock slide.
  • Experiencing “Cinema Under the Stars” for the first time during Session 2 and watching the Cabin 10 boys act out “Titanic” (Aidan’s stick figure drawing of Rose was inspired).
  • Running from velociraptors in “The Land After Time” Final Banquet during Session 3

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  • Seeing a unicorn during Session 4

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  • Lots and lots and lots of free hugs!!!

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Of all the many summer highlights, what I enjoyed most was being able to experience it with some of my best friends in the WORLD – the campers and counselors who help us create this nurturing, supportive, and joyful community. There are a lot of really amazing people at Eagle’s Nest! Each day I was inspired to be brave by a young camper stepping out of his or her comfort zone to try something new, or to dare to be creative when I witnessed ideas and dreams becoming magical creations, or to share my love of nature when I saw campers starting to recognize the call of the pileated woodpeckers in our woods. Special moments are even more special when shared with friends and people that you come to love.

As the school year moves on, and summer memories start to fade a little, I’ll try to hold on to these highlights. I’ll also try to create some “Eagle’s Nest inspired” highlights for my friends here in Winston-Salem. I hope that all of you will do the same, and I’ll look forward to sharing stories when I see you again next summer.

To experience some of the magical moments we had at camp this past summer, you can visit our Flickr Page, or watch our playlist of highlight reels on YouTube.

Paige Lester-Niles, Camp Director