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JUL. 24, 2018

The Road To Dolly’s

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If you’ve ever ventured into Pisgah National Forest, you’re probably familiar with the ice cream shop that sits just by the entrance to the park — Dolly’s Dairy Bar, affectionately called “Big Scoop” by Eagle’s Nesters.

 But the road to Dolly’s from camp is more than just a left on Everett Road — campers are rewarded with a trip to this sweet stop only after they’ve received a number of consecutive “A” grades on their Cabin Clean-Up inspections.

And if you ask any camper, earning that grade takes some really hard work!

 Cabin Clean-Up is an integral part of our daily routine here at camp. Every morning, campers and counselors work together to clean both their personal and communal areas in the cabins, as well as some common areas around campus. Cabins are then assessed on a grade-scale of how well these areas were cleaned, and what aspects need improvement.

 By working and cleaning together around camp, campers learn valuable lessons about teamwork, community, responsibility, and good work ethic — and maybe even a thing or two about green cleaning methods (which we embrace here at Eagle’s Nest!) and how to properly make their beds. The benefits of their hard work are also immediately evident to campers, both in their reward of a sweet treat and in the simple satisfaction of being able to live and play in a clean and safe environment – one that they help to create and maintain every day.

 Campers also hold other unique responsibilities within the community that help to create and maintain a safe, clean, and nurturing environment at camp which includes raising the flag in the morning, setting tables before meals, washing dishes and pots, serving afternoon snack, and helping in the garden.

While Eagle’s Nest might be the only place campers get to enjoy Dolly’s ice cream, the value in community work and the benefits derived from living and playing in a clean, safe space can be enjoyed anywhere! We hope that the lessons and values in Cabin Clean-Up and community chores will follow campers beyond Eagle’s Nest and benefit them throughout their lives – or, at the very least, make their chores at home a little more manageable!