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JUN. 27, 2018

Tribes at Eagle’s Nest Camp

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Along with warm sunny days and the occasional evening thunderstorm, every summer at the Nest brings new opportunities and excitement – chances to make new friends in a new cabin, share a meal with a new table family, have new adventures, learn new skills in classes, and even discover something new about yourself.

 And while many aspects of camp change as campers and summer sessions come and go, there is one camp tradition that remains a constant for Nesters throughout their lives — their tribe.

 Our tribal system is one of the oldest running traditions at Eagle’s Nest Camp. These intimate, intentional communities connect generations of Nesters together and help to establish a strong sense of belonging from the very first days of your Eagle’s Nest experience. Campers and staff grow together in their tribes throughout their time here at camp by sharing stories and experiences, honoring the history and legacy of this space, and inspiring one another to be the best versions of themselves.

 Each tribe has a unique energy and embodies an ember or positive quality that is shared with others through their actions, words, and service to the larger community. In addition to gathering in tribes for our weekly ceremonies — where campers and counselors alike are recognized for their achievements in classes — campers also work together as a team within their tribes in healthy, playful competitions such as Capture the Flag, Quidditch, and Tribal Stealth.

At the start of every new session, after campers are settled in their cabins and have organized their class schedules, a special evening ceremony takes place on Cabin Seven Field welcoming new and returning members into their forever tribal “home” here at Eagle’s Nest.

 Campers, counselors, and staff are divided among the four tribes of Eagle’s Nest: Two male tribes (the Migisi and the Natseeho) and two female tribes (the Winnesquam and the Wohelo). Below is some information about each tribe and the characteristics that make each one a unique and integral part of the Eagle’s Nest community:


  • A Chippewa term for “Eagle”
  • Symbol: the Eagle
  • Cardinal Direction: East
  • Color: Yellow
  • Ember: Faith in others
  • Known for their energy and spontaneity


  • An Abnaki term meaning “salmon fishing place”
  • Symbol: the Mouse
  • Cardinal Direction: South
  • Color: Green
  • Ember: Unselfishness
  • Known for their courage, big hearts, connection to the earth


  • Symbol: the Bear
  • Cardinal Direction: West
  • Color: Red
  • Ember: Loyalty
  • Known for their strength, bravery, and love for others


  • Derived from Camp Fire Girls, meaning “Work, Health, Love”
  • Symbol: the Buffalo
  • Cardinal Direction: North
  • Color: Blue
  • Ember: Helpfulness
  • Known for their wisdom, wild energy, and hard-working nature

 The tribal system is a foundational part of our camp community. Tribes function as a space for reflection, belonging, growth, support, and inspiration for every member of the Eagle’s Nest community – during their time here at camp and beyond. Through this community, we encourage campers take the values and traits they embody and share them with the world, knowing that they will always have a community to support and welcome them here at Eagle’s Nest.

This summer we are challenging the tribes of Eagle’s Nest Camp to give back to the place we all call home by donating their Canteen balances to the Camp Scholarship Fund. Now you can join in the fun! Click here to give in honor of your tribe.

Like our Facebook page, EaglesNestCampNC, to stay updated all summer long and find out who comes out on top! We will announce the winner on August 15.