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JUL. 15, 2014

Video Glimpses of Camp

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Paige Lester-Niles, Camp Director

Even though we try to use our time at camp as a time to connect with nature and disconnect from technology, it is pretty fun to be able to share glimpses of camp with our friends and family members. Throughout the summer counselors have been taking pictures of our classes, outings and special events, and we’ve been posting them to our website for families to enjoy. We know that parents love looking at the pictures when their campers are here, and we’ve also found that the campers love going home, finding themselves in the pictures, and remembering their time with us.

This summer we’ve been very fortunate that one of our staff members, Johan, is a talented videographer. Each week he has created a “Video Up-date” to share with the Eagle’s Nest community. Johan has put together footage from classes on our campus, and also from various outings and even from the Rocks and Rivers Hante. If you haven’t seen the videos already, please check them out on our YouTube page, and if you’d like to see the new videos as they go up, please “like” us on Facebook. We post the videos there as soon as they are available.