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OCT. 18, 2013

What Happens When Campers, OA Alumni, and Wannabes Circle Up?

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Sara Fox, Winston-Salem Centennial Discussion Organizer

Though I never have attended camp, been on a Hante, or attended The Outdoor Academy, simply hearing the words “Eagle’s Nest” puts me in a place I prefer to be: calm, joyful, passionate, playful, mindful and caring.

And apparently, when I’m in that state of mind, I’m a bit vulnerable to Noni’s voice.

(Admit it. You know what I’m talking about.)

How else can I explain agreeing to organize a Centennial meeting — the first of 15, it turns out — in Winston-Salem?

So with much more confidence than ability, buoyed by the thought of upping my intimacy with Nesters (because, after all, I am a member of the lesser-known fifth tribe, Wannabe), and knowing – absolutely – that this opportunity would allow me to receive ten-fold what I could give, I agreed.

Because, as with most things that are Eagle’s Nest, the grace is being allowed to answer the call. And this proved no exception.

Twenty Nesters gathered in a beautiful, sacred room used by our host to promote physical and spiritual healing. We sat in a circle (what else?) and — along with the oft-repeated promise of snacks — we began.

We got to the meat of the matter: How did we perceive Eagle’s Nest’s cultural mission and, if we value it, how do we keep it authentic and relevant? What is our perception of diversity, and what opportunities do we have to promote it? And if we cherish the experience, how can we ensure that Eagle’s Nest will be able to continue to offer it to future generations?

The discussions were thoughtful, lively, fruitful, and only a smidgen longer than requested, but we managed to pull it all together in the end.

And as importantly, we walked in as strangers with many voices, and left as friends with one.


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