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MAR. 3, 2014

Why We Travel

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Lucas Newton, Hante Coordinator

With our upcoming Hante trip to Spain it is time to reflect on the importance of world travel and experiencing other cultures.  The campers that have already signed up are ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime.  With so many previous campers and Outdoor Academy alumni, it is like a small reunion on a different continent. 

So why do we travel?  For the participants on Hante Spain, traveling will allow them to socialize with locals and use their knowledge of the Spanish language in real life situations. By immersing themselves in the culture and daily activities of a Spanish speaking country, participants will have to utilize their language skills to inquire about even the simplest of things. 

 Unlike in the United States, participants will have to speak to strangers to for assistance as they become more comfortable in their surroundings.  These interactions will allow campers to be more confident when speaking and increase their sense of uneasiness, enabling them to achieve even goals upon their return to their lives back home. 

 Traveling makes you feel alive!  People feel a bit uncomfortable when travelling abroad – the food is different, cultures are unique, and everyday interactions can be a struggle.  Embracing these challenges helps us all feel alive!  Whether it is catching a bus, buying food from street markets, or attending a festival, experiencing life outside of normalcy stretches our comfort zone.

Experiencing the art of simple living while backpacking abroad helps people understand how easy life can be with less.  We become less materialistic and we realize that there are greater gifts in the word than a new pair of shoes or a new computer. Simply put, you live, you experience, and you are happy.

Traveling makes us all more well rounded and educated, and gives us great opportunities to become storytellers. You have to be flexible when traveling abroad, and you have to learn self-confidence to find your way around.  Not having our phones and other information at your fingertips forces us to communicate with others, leading to meaningful conversations and interactions.    

 Where is your next adventure going to take you?  Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone?  Join us this summer on a Hante Adventure.