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JUN. 30, 2014

A Punny Letter from Rocks and Rivers

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Dear Eagle’s Nest Camp Session 2 –

The rivers portion of our Hante has gone SWIMMINGLY. We can already tell the climbing portion is going to ROCK. Despite the rain, our camping has not been INTENSE- it’s been in tarps. But we were always ready for a RAPID change of pace when we got on the water. Though a boat would topple over every now and then, nobody FLIPPED OUT about it. The awesome rapids on the river on the first day made us so tired, we didn’t need to TUCK ourselves into bed. We paddled so hard, there was no RIVER LEFT. That’s right; no river left. CURRENTLY, we’re all having lots of fun. Every day at lunch we have pieces of cheese that R2. We also went fishing once, but we’ll tell you ATROUT that later.

Love – Hante Rocks and Rivers.