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OCT. 7, 2013

Eagle’s Nest Foundation Gets a New Look

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Noni Waite-Kucera, Executive Director

What’s in a name?  For Eagle’s Nest Foundation it is 86 years of history steeped with traditions, innovations, growth and inspiration for generations of young people.  As we look forward to what Eagle’s Nest will be at 100 years we wanted to “freshen up” how we visually define ourselves.  With three strong programs operating within the Eagle’s Nest we wanted to find a way that each could visually distinguish itself and at the same time be clearly identified as a program of Eagle’s Nest Foundation. Hence, our four new logos you are seeing today.

New Eagle's Nest Foundation logo

New Eagle’s Nest Foundation Logo

As you look at the Foundation logo you will see components of the logos from each of the programs embedded in and around our central eagle – the icon that has been part of our traditions as long as we have been in operation.  Our eagle is strong, lofting upwards on air drafts pushing up from our Little River Valley.  In the background you will see our mountains as you would see them leaving our Everett Road entrance: majestic blue mountains, welcoming and ancient.


Topping the mountain you will see the rising sun that is integral to our Outdoor Academy logo.  The circle represents the student and the mountain the challenge that will inspire their growth while they attend our semester school.   The rays of light are each a principle that will serve as a guide post on their educational journey through our four pillars or cornerstones: Intellect, Environment, Community and Craft.   At each step on that mountain we develop the character required for life-long success by practicing our seven principles (the rays): Simple Living, Work Ethic, Curiosity, Integrity, Stewardship, Self-Reliance, and Gratitude.


Twinkling over the eagle are the stars of Hante Adventures, inspired by the quest for a journey.  Within the Hante logo these stars rise over our mountains lighting the way and the path to lands beyond our valley.  The constellation is Aquila, the Eagle, with the largest star being Altair, one of the points of the summer triangle.  Anywhere in the world that our Hante Adventurers may be they will share these same stars with their friends back at the Nest.


A single eagle feather demarks our oldest program, Eagle’s Nest Camp.  This feather, gently cupped, is our nest from which our campers grow and flourish, each one an integral part of the whole eagle – our community.

It is remarkable to look back over the years at the visual pieces we have used to portray Eagle’s Nest and know that at each stage we were marking who we were at that time.  Sometimes it feels sad to leave behind a look but it will always be there, a part of our growing history.  Our staff is very excited to share these new looks with you after months of scheming and drafting.  We hope you will share the story with your friends!