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OCT. 15, 2013

Enjoying Autumn

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by Caroline Toy, Assistant Director

The long days of summer have passed and bright fall leaves greet us everywhere. Autumn is a great time to enjoy the natural world.

 Check out these highlights:

  •  Bird migrations! Have you heard flocks of Canada geese honking overhead this fall? Geese are just the most obvious example of birds flying south for the winter. Many species have already made their big annual trip, but depending on where you live, others may just be passing through now. If you live far enough south, visiting species you can only see in fall and winter are appearing! Look for colors and shapes you don’t see in the summertime, especially if the birds seem to be traveling in a flock. If you see an unusual bird, check out a birding book or the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website to identify it!
  • Hikes with a View! Fall is a great time for hiking. It’s not too cold to spend a day in the woods, and the changing seasons may help you find an extraordinary view! As trees lose their leaves, dramatic landscapes often come into view even in places that usually seem like jungles. Don’t forget your camera—the beautiful fall colors and clear fall light make unique photo opportunities. Grab a jacket and check out a local dayhike!
  • Practice your fire building skills and roast one last marshmallow… There’s nothing quite like a crisp cool evening to make you appreciate a campfire. You can get one more s’more in before winter—with extra fall treats like cider and…
  • Apples! This may not seem that exciting—we can get apples all year round, right? Not quite. Your average year-round grocery store apple is probably a red delicious, golden delicious, or gala. These apples travel long distances to get to you, usually from the Pacific Northwest, and are actually cultivated not for taste but for durability and ease of shipping. But in the fall, you can get lots of different varieties that are only available for a month or so, many of them local! Fall apples literally have something for everyone, with flavors ranging from sweet to tangy to sour and fruit across the spectrum from soft (great for homemade applesauce and apple butter) to crisp (great for munching).

At Eagle’s Nest and Hante Adventures, we wish you all a great fall!