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NOV. 5, 2013

Epic Adventures

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by Lucas Newton, Hante Coordinator

Recently I completed a hike of the entire Art Loeb Trail in a day with my amazing friend and fellow Nester, Liz Snyder.  She proposed this idea of hiking 30 miles on her 30th birthday earlier this fall, and of course I was all in.  Testing the limits of your body and what you are able to do is something that inspires me thoroughly.

We both knew we could handle to physical aspect of the hike, with 10,000+ feet elevation gain/loss, but we knew that the mental challenge would be difficult.  When we departed Eagle’s Nest at 4:30am, and drove through the quiet town of Brevard, we knew were embarking on something epic. It was energizing to be at the beginning of such a monumental journey while others were fast asleep.  We finally arrived at the Daniel Boone trailhead (start of the Art Loeb) at 6:30am, ready to hike in the pitch dark with our headlamps on.  Our daypacks were packed with Gu shots, peanut butter, energy bars, bananas and of course water.

We had to turn our headlamps back on to hike the last four miles in the dark again. Those four mile were definitely the most difficult part of the trip, but when we finished we were greeted by friends with fresh food and drink. Over the course of the amazing day, we definitely grew closer together as friends and solidified our passion for epic adventures.

My biggest takeaway from the entire trip though was the focusing my mind on the mental challenges that I faced. It was almost as if it was me versus nature. I had to have a strong mindset to overcome the challenges. It was so focused, yet energized.

What will be your next epic adventure when you can overcome challenges and commune with nature?  Join us for a Hante Adventure this summer.