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JUL. 21, 2013

Hante Colorado Up-date

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By Lucas Newton, Hante Adventures Coordinator

Rolling out of your sleeping bag, taking time for your eyes to adjust to the darkness that surrounds you at 3:30am, surrounded by the beautiful San Juan Mountains, is all in a typical Wednesday for Hante Colorado.  This week the group summitted Engineer’s Peak – a 12,968-foot summit.  It was a difficult climb, but everyone completed it.

Nate and Diane have reported that the group is doing amazingly well. They are now backpacking in the Conejos Ranger District of the South San Juan Mountains. The Colorado monsoon summer season is upon them, and the group has been getting much needed rainstorms every afternoon.

Tomorrow the group will start a two-day service project and on Thursdays they will head out for a final 5-day trek.