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JUL. 14, 2016

Happiness Runs

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Marlin Sill, Wilderness Program Manager

The past few weeks have been filled with some amazing journeys and stories in the Hante world.  Eighteen very brave travelers have been testing their skills in many ways with Eagle’s Nest, and we are proud to bring you the following “Hante Update”

First up, Hante Waterways!

Our band of paddlers started their trip camping up on Watauga Lake where they practiced their canoe strokes before paddling down the Watauga River.  This was just a taste of what came next.  The group then packed up all their gear and set out on the French Broad River Trail for over 63 miles, paddling from Brevard to Woodfin, North Carolina.  Though it was a dry spell, our adventurers still found enough water in the river and deftly maneuvered their way through.  After taking off the French Broad, they headed over to Landmark Learning where Justin Padgett greeted the group and trained up our folks with some Swift Water Rescue skills.  A day of coursework under their belt and they were off to “shred the gnar” (Paddle whitewater).  They spend their nights camping at Tsali campground and their days paddling classic southeast rivers like the Tuckasegee and Nantahala.  And after almost 2 weeks, the rain finally came and filled the rivers.  Their last day of paddling they headed back to the French Broad where they paddled Section 9, an ultra-classic  “big water” section of river.  Their last night out was spent basking in the glory of their paddle travels camping along the French Broad River in Hot Springs, North Carolina.

Hante Maine

Our Northern travelers jumped into the Maine experience right away with 3 days sea kayaking in the Muscongus Bay.  They navigated tides, currents and weather all while camping on uninhabited islands.  Once their paddling days came to an end they trekked up to Monsoon Maine, where the Appalachian Trail passes through before its final stretch through the 100-mile wilderness to the base of Mt. Katahdin.  For 12 Days the group trekked through the woods of northern Maine with the summit of Katahdin looming over them each day.  The crew did run into a few speed bumps here and there, but with the ruggedness of the region, in many ways it was to be expected.  Our brave travelers prevailed and after their Trek they headed back to the coast for a night of learning the fine craft of lobstering and relaxing after their hiking.  They greeted the next day by heading south to Acadia where they set up camp before spending 2 days climbing the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Hante Adventures have done some amazing things this summer, and are still up for some more adventure.  Stay tuned for updates on our next round of trips to the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina, and the Dolomite Mountains of Italy.