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JUL. 25, 2014

John Muir Trail Trek Update

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Marlin Sill

Here we are. Almost two weeks into Hante! What have our western travelers been up to? Here a quick update.

After Landing in San Francisco International Airport, the group drove north over the Golden Gate Bridge and camped in Marin Headlands State Park. For two days the group used the park as base camp, and spent their time Hiking to Muir Beach and Along Golden Gate National Sea Shore. Their third day was spend making the long haul to Southern Yosemite where the crew met their Climbing Guides. They then spent two days crushing some of Yosemite’s finest granite walls, while enjoying breath-taking scenery and acclimatizing to the altitude.

All this was great fun and brought the group close, but now they are in it. Since Friday, the group has been backpacking on the John Muir Trail. They started at Cold Water Campground just outside of Mammoth Lakes and spent their first day hiking to Duck Pass. From Duck Pass they have been moving south past Virginia and Squaw Lakes, Around Lake Edison, Over Bear Pass, and to the shores of Marie Lake. Tomorrow they will be arriving at The Muir Trail Ranch, where many great things await them. Just over three weeks ago we shipped approximately 110 pound of dried, cured and otherwise “non-perishable” foods to Muir Trail Ranch, all in preparation for the group’s arrival tomorrow. These buckets of food also include letters from staff and Session 2 Campers, sweet treats, and a dash of magic (you’ll just have to ask ‘em about it when they get home). From Camp these Buckets (5 total) shipped USPS Priority Mail to Lakeshore CA, where they were picked up and packed onto a Ferry for ride across Florence Lake. From the Eastern shore, the buckets were then strapped to mules and horse-packed 5 miles to the ranch, where they have been waiting in bear-proof housing while the group has hiked to catch up with them.

So what’s next for our conquering Heroes? They will spend their Saturday camping near the ranch and relaxing in natural hot springs by the riverside, while airing their clothes and sleeping bags in the crisp mountain air. They’ll take some “me-time” to write in journals or send letters home, and have some good quality cleaning and repacking time in preparation for the second half of their Trek. Where will it take them from here? Following the JMT south from Muir Trail Ranch the crew will hike through McClure Meadow, past glacial lakes to the Le Conte Ranger Station where they will hop off the JMT and swing north through Bishop Pass to South Lake just outside of Bishop California.

They’ve done some many amazing things and there is still so much magic, excitement and adventure left.