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APR. 5, 2016

Looking Forward to Look Back

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Marlin Sill, Wilderness Program Coordinator

I’m always looking ahead.  What’s next, where to go, who to see.  Despite the joy and peace in stillness, I find immense excitement and joy from even the thought of the next step, the next trip, even just the next moment I will spend with friends.  And in many ways the emotions felt in the buildup are just as strong as those I experience once “I’m there”, or “it’s happening”.  And even in the moment of reflection after the fact, its not just one moment or second I remember, but a process.  A path of choices and ups and downs.

I spend a lot of time planning both for work and in my personal life.  It seems to be an integral part of my nature and how I walk through life.  And in my limited time exploring the things that make life whole, I’ve found that I’m happiest when I look forward, and not in a yearning sense, but in the sense of challenge and change.

At work my “off-season” is full of new ideas and planning for the summer to come.  Sometimes the trips are the same, and sometimes they are brand new.  But either way there is a whole new experience to summer and what can and will happen.

And then in my personal life I’ve found just as much joy in anticipation and changes I create and experience.  I know that once I get to the top of the mountain or to a new stretch of coast, I will have that rush of looking back and knowing I grew with each step I took.  I may even take time to think ahead to the next year, basking in the idea of riding the wave down and back up again.  And I find I do similar things with my hobbies.  Picking up something for the love of learning something new to look back and see how I’ve grown.   I even toy with the thought of fast forwarding to my days rocking on the porch looking back through my life and feeling the joy in knowing I chased the things I wanted and loved every minute of becoming who I wanted to become.

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A good friend left me a note one day when I felt unmoored with where I was.  It was a Pico Iyer quote, “A person susceptible to ‘wanderlust’ is not addicted to movement as committed to transformation”.  It was a note that helped me explain how my thoughts and desires were not merely those of feeling trapped.  I could still have a place I call home, but I could strive to travel and grow in a way that fulfilled me.

Its often said that the truest destination is the journey itself, and as much as I believe that, I also think there is a unique mindset to those of us always looking ahead to the next adventure, the next summit.  Because it is not “the moment” I strive for, but the opportunity to look back on the whole thing and see how I got there.  That moment of knowing I was chasing passion and joy and connection beyond all else.

Marlin Sill, Wilderness Program Coordinator