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JAN. 3, 2014


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It is that time of year again when we all make our New Year’s resolutions, striving to make this year better than the last. A time for new light, new beginnings, challenging ourselves, and stepping out of our comfort zones. It is a time of reflection, to determine who we are and how we are going to contribute to the world and loved ones around us.

New year

So many of us begin the year with English bulldog determination, but yet this quickly fades as the year progresses and we lose focus on our end goal that we set January 1st. So why not set in place a goal or a trip that you can look forward to and work up to? Like marathon runners or musicians, you must continually train or practice before your big race, having that determination to better yourself for the ultimate stage, defined by the following resolution meaning:

1. A course of action determined or decided on. 

In order for you to challenge yourself and take a course of action, why not sign up for a Hante this summer? This way, you have something to look forward to and getting yourself both physically and mentally prepared during the new year. You have an ultimate end goal set in place (Hante), which allows you to better yourself leading up to the trip. You are already stepping out of your comfort zone signing up for a Hante, why don’t you put forward your best self while on this trip by doing research about the trip, training, and thinking about how you can become a leader during your time on Hante to further your skills?

Whether it be rock climbing in Yosemite Valley in California, hiking the Camino De Santiago in Spain, paddling down the local French Broad River, or hiking the Appalachian Trail through Georgia, Hante has the challenges in store for you this new year!

2014 is YOUR YEAR, how are you going to commit to your resolution?

2. Resolve to do something.