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MAR. 31, 2015

Spring Break Adventures

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Paige Lester-Niles

After a long, cold winter, the trees and flowers are finally starting to bloom here in North Carolina – just in time for kids across the county to enjoy some time outdoors for their Spring Breaks. Over the past couple weeks I’ve been hearing stories and seeing social media posts from friends and family members who are taking advantage of the break from school. It’s fun to see pictures of smiling families skiing in sunny Colorado, or trying paddle boarding for the first time on the South Carolina coast. What makes me most excited is seeing that many of the activities people choose to participate in are OUTSIDE!
This year, my family is staying close to home for our Spring Break, and we’re planning to have some outdoor adventures of our own. Three of my favorite things to do outside are weed and plant flowers in my yard, mountain bike, and nap in the sunshine. Over the next few days I excited that I’ll be able to do all three. Since our schedule is free and clear of weekend soccer tournaments and school projects, we may also be able to take a little side trip to the mountains for a day of hiking and fly fishing in some of our favorite summer spots. I’m already relaxed knowing that I’ll have a little time to slow down, get my hands dirty, and reconnect with the beauty and simplicity of the natural world.

spring flowers

spring flowers from my garden
As you have breaks and vacations this year, I hope that you all also have a little time to enjoy nature and each other. Your backyard is waiting!