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APR. 15, 2015

To Weather the Weather

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Marlin Sill, Outdoor Program Director

There are many elements in our life that challenge us.  Our fears, doubts, other’s opinions and actions, the red tape and the “No Trespassing” signs.  But none of the most majestic and commanding of these hurdles is Mother Nature and all the beauty and fury she packs in varying forms of precipitation.   Vistas and groves can be transformed form magical moments to thundering landscapes depending on her mood, and the way you chose to see that moment.

There are many types of outdoors folk in the world, but one of the great divides is that between the weather warriors and the fair-weather folk.  Neither is better or worse than the other, but what sets them apart is how they view the additional challenge of “inclement” weather.  For many, a rainy day can seem dreary and cold.  Others relish in the moisture and take advantage of the empty trails, or swollen creeks.  A snow storm may coop up some next to their fireplace with warm drinks, while others can be seen shoveling their driveways at 5AM to make first tracks down the mountain.

Every adventure you take in life will be full of surprises and challenges, much like the weeks you spend at camp, on Hante, or living at the Outdoor Academy.   One morning may be bright and sunny, while the next is filled with hail and sleet.   Minutes, no seconds, can see the sky change from angry grey to pale blue.  The shoulder of a mountain may be all that stands between parched, dry switchbacks and a blanket of powdered mountainside.  And amidst these changes and you are the constant.

As you hike, camp, live, and experience the weather, you can quickly learn to love and hate certain forms of precipitation.  That beautiful mountain-top view you were waiting all week for, may be obscured by thick layers of fog, and now all you see is the back of your friend’s pack.  The rainstorm that started last night is still dripping on you as you work to set your tarp back up.  And the pretty blue sky has yielded no snow for the one week you wanted to spend skiing in Canada.  But if you look closely, and deep within yourself, you will find that all these clouds, (or lack of clouds) have silver linings.

Coming back from your experience with Eagle’s Nest, you will have faced many challenges, and no doubt, one of them will have been the weather.  For every moment you loved and relished, there will be a moment (or day) you despised, or wished away.  But by the end you learned how to accept the struggles, and embrace them as part of the experience.  Those warm days and blue skies, become so much brighter and warmer.  Or that one midnight flurry enchants you as you walk down the main street.  Who knows, you may even learn to enjoy the sound no rain on your tent, or the distant flashes of lightning against the night sky.  But whatever the weather, it is up to you to weather it.

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!


Marlin Sill, Outdoor Program Director