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FEB. 25, 2015


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Keya Acharya, Hante Participant

Keya Acharya is an 11th-grader from Chevy Chase, MD. Last year she participated in Hante Rocks and Rivers during which she and her group of 12 teenagers spent a week rock climbing, a week white water canoeing, and a week backpacking. She also learned wilderness and leadership skills.

Sometimes you just gotta do something that’s crazy, something that you question, question why you even signed up for this in the first place.
Sometimes you gotta get on a bus with 14 strangers just to see where adventure and wonder lead you, and just sometimes those same strangers become some sort of family to you.
Sometimes you gotta be terrified of the challenges life tosses at you, but once you push past the fear, you learn that this is the only way you’ll grow.
Sometimes you gotta take a leap of faith and trust your harness, ATC, and team so you can hang in mid air 200 feet up and stare at the endless mountains and blue sky.

Sometimes your boat flips time and time again just to reassure you that every time it happens, you’ll eventually be okay.
Sometimes you gotta wake up five different times in the middle of the night covered in rain just so you learn to appreciate the sun.
Sometimes you gotta smell sunscreen, bug spray, sweat, and lake water all mixed together just so you can love a breath of fresh air.
Sometimes you gotta leave your music and phone and internet at home so that you can realize that this world has more to offer you than Google.
Sometimes you just gotta push through and keep climbing the mountain of life and
Sometimes you slip and slide…


The world’s so much more beautiful when you learn to stand up even if you’re covered in bruises and cuts. If you don’t have an ounce of fear then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough you see? I’ve realized that we better enjoy the moments when we’re completely terrified because those are the moments when we get just a little bit stronger.

Keya Acharya, Hante Participant