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OCT. 28, 2013

Written in the Stars

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Many of my fondest memories involve looking at the night sky dotted with bright stars. As a kid, I’d often lie on my trampoline on balmy summer evenings staring upward, wondering who else was sharing a similar scene. My mind is stacked with stories of constellations and the people who showed them to me; with shooting stars seen from fields of dew-dropped grass, mountain ridgelines, and my own front yard. The Big and Little Dippers, Orion, Scorpius, Aquila, and Pleiades are each tied to different people, places and times in my life. When I want to flash back to those great adventures, all I have to do is take the time to look up.

As an outdoor educator, I’ve become accustomed to seasonal work. Even as a year-round employee at Eagle’s Nest, my position shifts with the seasons. A highlight of this lifestyle is the strong bonds that are formed through shared experiences. Co-instructors easily become family, as do students and campers. We spend finite amounts of time living closely with each other and then we depart as quickly as we came, immersing ourselves in new adventures across the globe. The one thing we constantly share is the night sky.

When I’m alone, I find solace in the idea that my friends are sharing a common celestial blanket. I imagine that they are looking at the same stars from their own special perch across the country or the world, and we are immediately connected. There is no need for text messages or Facebook or email – thoughts and dreams are sent by shooting stars and stories are written across the sky.

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When we began to update the “look” of our programs, I was excited by the idea of incorporating stars into the Hante Adventures logo. For over 40 years, instructors and participants have traveled the world with a thirst for growth through adventure. I feel confident that at some point on every Hante, each person sat in the dark of night and watched the smoke of a crackling fire as it rose toward the stars. I can only imagine the stories, ideas and dreams that were shared under the sparkling constellations. Although those people are no longer physically together, they are connected by a common sky and the memories created beneath it.

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