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OCT. 3, 2014

You’ve Got to Have Skills

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Marlin Sill, Wilderness Program Manager

My first experience with Eagle’s Nest was coming in as a new staff member for Camp Staff Climbing Clinic. I was brand new to The Nest, Staff, and the climbing program. And on that first day Driving out to The Glass with “Axel” Steel, Jay Young and some other choice staff, a strangely humorous song came on the radio. Leave it up to 88.7, WNCW, to put on some funky stuff. Before I knew it we had found our theme song for the summer. A funky beated, slightly symcopated, slow talk bee-pop tellin’ us “you gotta know tricks. You gotta have skills.”

gorge climbing
We were never able to find out the name of the song, who sang it, and I haven’t been able to find it or hear it again, but it did leave me with this desire to hone my skills, fill up my bag of tricks and spend my summer “workin’ it”. That year I learned the nuances necessary for trad climbing and institutional climbing programs. And it didn’t stop there. I made a point to develop skills in all the areas I enjoyed.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t young enough to go on a Hante, or Added Adventure, but I was still able to get the knowledge and learn from the best. But I always wondered what it would be like to have been able to practice and work all those skills 5 years earlier.

check the map
Hante’s are the perfect opportunity to explore activities you love, or want to develop. Rox and Rivers is a perfect catch all; A Best of the Wild Nest; A Tour de Force of WNC. This past summer 12 students had their chance to progress through some of WNC’s best sites. Paddling down the Nantahala, Climbing at Table Rock, and summiting peaks in Pisgah. These kids left their Hante with great friends, awesome memories, and some mad skillz! And this summer, is your chance. Take a couple weeks to do things you love, or something you’ve dreamed of doing. Come get the skills and experiences it takes to be wilderness leader. Make the memories that will last a lifetime, and the foundation for a chance to become the adventurer you’ve always wanted to be.
What are you waiting for? There is a summer of skills, tricks, love and life waiting for you. All you have to do is turn up the radio, listen to the sounds, and answer the call of adventure.