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Each year, a new selection of Hante Adventure wilderness trips are offered. Whether they’re rock climbing in Colorado, whitewater paddling in North Carolina, or trekking across the Blue Ridge Mountains, Hante participants are sure to come away from their experience with increased confidence and a strong connection to the natural world.


June 10 – June 23, 2023 (meets in Little Rock, AR)
For campers completing grades 7 through 11 in Spring 2023
Cost: $3,750

There’s the east coast and the west coast…moving inland, you have the Appalachians and the Rockies…moving further inland, what’s there? The rocky, rugged, scenic terrain of northwest Arkansas’s Ozark Highlands. Come with us to explore this seldom known gem of a trail through forests, streams, ridges, and bluffs.

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* Select Hante not eligible for Early Bird Discount.

ORCA (Oregon-California)

June 25 – July 14, 2023 (meets in Medford, OR)
For campers completing grades 8 through 11 in Spring 2023
Cost: $5,680

Picture yourself on a beach, watching the sunset in front of you, a campfire keeping you warm, and redwood trees towering behind you. Now see yourself walking through a rain forest setting of mossy trees, a raging river on your left, and surrounded by evergreen-covered mountains. Finally, envision being one of six new friends on a raft, paddling down a river with the most magnificent shade of blue. On Hante Oregon-California (ORCA), all of these events will become reality.

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* Select Hante not eligible for Early Bird Discount.


July 16 – August 4, 2023 (meets at Eagle’s Nest Camp)
For campers completing grades 7 through 11 in Spring 2023
Cost: $4,900

 In Long Trails of the Southeast, famous hiker John Molloy said the Benton MacKaye Trail “is what I imagine the Appalachian Trail was like many decades ago—a lesser tamed path, steep in places, rough in spots, and still evolving.” Hante MacKaye provides participants the opportunity to tackle one of the more remote and beautiful trails in Eagle’s Nest backyard, along with world-class paddling and rock climbing unique to the Southeast.

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July 16 – August 4, 2023 (meets at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport- ATL)
For campers completing grades 8 through 11 in Spring 2023
Cost: $5,995 (+Airfare)

Immerse yourself in the beauty, language, and culture of one of Europe’s most visited countries! From the plazas around Madrid and the beaches of Barcelona, to the quaint villages of the Camino de Santiago in the hilly north country, participants on Hante Spain will have the privilege to experience the diverse landscape and life that makes this country so globally influential.

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* Select Hante not eligible for Early Bird Discount.

To apply for a Hante Adventure:

All Hante participants and their parents must complete a Questionnaire before being considered for acceptance. (*) Select Hantes have an application deadline of November 15th and are not eligible for the Early Bird Discount.  Rolling admittance pending availability after November 15th for (*)Hantes.




All Added Adventure, Hante Adventures, and Junior Counselor participants and their parents or guardians must complete all questionnaire before being considered for the program. Questionnaires are available with registration on CampDoc.   

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