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Few places allow for multiple recreation opportunities in such a dramatic and beautiful setting than the region of southern Oregon and northern California. This truly epic adventure begins in the coastal mountain range of the Wild Rogue Wilderness, where you will first spend a day rafting down one of the most sought after sections of whitewater in the country before taking the next week to backpack along side it. If the raging river doesn’t keep you in awe, the electric green of the moss-covered trees and the densely coniferous mountains surely will. Your direction of travel will inevitably take you to the famous, rocky, wet Pacific coast of the region. You will drive over the border into Del Norte County, California, an area known for its sky-scraping redwood trees that envelope the entire coastal landscape. Backpacking and camping skills will be put to use again as you traverse underneath the giants: first making your way to isolated beaches looking out on the Pacific Ocean before moving back inland to hike through a mix of redwoods, evergreens, moss, and a river of undefinably beautiful blue color. It is one thing to see it, it is another thing to swim in it, but it is even more magical to paddle it, as you will do shortly before leaving the trip. As you explore these great features and places, being able to support yourself and the group through all of it will challenge your intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. However, from that challenge will come growth, from that support will come lifelong bonds, and from this adventure will come a desire to see and do more out there.


June 25-July 14, 2023 (meets in Medford, OR)
For participants completing grades 8th through 11th grade in Spring 2023
Cost: $5,680

Trips Goals and Highlights

  • Experience and appreciate the coastal redwood forests of southern Oregon and northern California, a truly unique landscape in the continental US
  • Traverse alongside raging rivers, azure blue swimming holes, towering/moss-covered trees, and picturesque beaches
  • Raft down two nationally designated “Wild and Scenic Rivers” in both Oregon and California

ORCA Itinerary

  • June 25: Group meets at Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, OR. After arriving, the group will travel to their first campsite nearby, get to know each other, and set goals for themselves and the group
  • June 26: Food and gear pack-out, trek preparation with day-hike, and working on backcountry skills.This day will be a busy one! The group will take time to complete pack-out and learn basic campcraft skills before putting them to the test during a short day-hike (potentially with time to explore local swimming holes). This will help establish the group’s strengths and areas for improvement, preparing them for the upcoming adventure.
  • June 27: Travel, paddle, and camp! The group will take a short drive to meet our friends at Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures in Merlin, where they will guide us on a day of whitewater rafting the Wild and Scenic Rogue River; this will serve as useful reconnaissance as we will be trekking the trail alongside the beautiful beast over the next several days.
  • June 28-July 4: Trekking the Rogue River Trail. The journey begins! From camping at the trailhead the previous night, the group will begin their trek on this first day, challenging and awing the group as you make your way west. The group will work together to navigate rugged, wet, mossy, and leafy terrain along the river. Evenings will be spent camping under the stars, preparing delicious food, debriefing the day’s adventures, practicing leadership skills, and enjoying time together. During this time, our friends at Morrisons will shuttle our van to the western terminus before we finish.
  • July 5: Travel, rest, and resupply. After a final short hike to the van, the group will drive along the scenic Pacific coast and cross the border into California! The group will make a pit stop in Crescent City to breathe the salty air and gather supplies for the second half of the trip, en route to their campsite for the night at Prairie Creek State Park.
  • July 6-7: Coastal redwood exploration and beach camping. The group will pack up their backpacks and hike through a truly unique landscape, encompassing some of the tallest trees on the planet. The dense forest will spit them out onto beaches alongside the Pacific Ocean, where they will be able to swim, relax, and camp for the night. They will then retrace their steps, immerse themselves amongst giants, and return to camp at Prairie Creek State Park.
  • July 8-11: Trekking the South Kelsey National Recreation Trail. Following their beach and coastal redwood exploration, the group will move further inland towards another Wild and Scenic River: the Smith of northern California. Alongside this beautiful blue river is the South Kelsey Trail, a rocky and mossy path with plenty of access points to fun, calm sections of the river for swimming. This part of the trip will serve as another opportunity for the group to improve their backcountry skills and teamwork.
  • July 12: Paddling the Smith River. Of course, after spending four days awe-struck by the most blue water you have ever seen, one can only wish to paddle it! On this day, our friends at Redwood Rides will guide us down the middle fork of the Smith, rafting through some enjoyable whitewater amongst even more towering redwoods.
  • July 13: Travel, day-hike, prepare for departure, and debrief. The group will spend a final morning appreciating the trees as they hike along the Boy Scout Tree Trail near Crescent City. Their goodbyes will be followed by a scenic drive over the border and back to their first campsite outside of Medford. Here, they will get themselves organized and de-issue their gear before a final debrief, all in preparation for tomorrow’s departure.
  • July 14: Departure! Participants return home and spread their newfound knowledge to the greater world.

Hante ORCA Equipment List:


Detailed PDF of ORCA Equipment List Coming Soon


To apply for a Hante Adventure:

All Hante participants and their parents must complete a Questionnaire before being considered for acceptance. (*) Select Hantes have an application deadline of November 15th and are not eligible for the Early Bird Discount.  Rolling admittance pending availability after November 15th for (*)Hantes.




All Added Adventure, Hante Adventures, and Junior Counselor participants and their parents or guardians must complete all questionnaires before being considered for the program. Questionnaires are available with registration on CampDoc.   

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