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SEP. 6, 2013

A Walk Around Campus

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By Michael Brown, Head of School

One of the best, and most important, parts of my job is simply walking around campus. The more often I am able to get out from behind my desk, the more I am able to cultivate the relationships that are at the heart of our work here. Walking around gives me a chance to see the amazing work students and teachers are doing, take the pulse of the community, and enjoy our beautiful campus.

This week has been particularly rewarding as we move into the last stages of summer and the first glimpses of fall. The dragonflies have been actively skimming the lake, the summer vegetables are reaching their end in the garden, and the greens are beginning to fade and give way to the golds and reds of autumn. And, I have had the joy of seeing Semester 37 begin to settle into the rhythms of the semester. I have seen our math classes out and about discussing the patterns and functions of nature and our work crews splitting wood and working in the garden. Just now, our Natural Science returned from a walk in the woods where they are beginning to get to know this unique environment we call home.

This afternoon, students will head to the climbing tower and the lake to practices knots and paddle strokes in preparation for day trips to the rocks and rivers this weekend. I think I will go for a walk and see what they are up to…