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FEB. 11, 2015

At Home on the Road

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Cary Crawford, Admissions Counselor

Well, another admissions travel season has ended, and what an exciting time it has been!  Not only did I get to travel around the country meeting potential Outdoor Academy students, I got to meet alumni and their families. I remember being anxious upon starting these trips back in the fall, staying with families I had never met, traveling to school after school and being expected to keep the attention of teenagers, ahhhh the nerves!  I was told OA alumni and their families are the nicest, most welcoming people you could ever meet.  Well, that was not an exaggeration.  Whether it was welcoming me into their home, inviting me to their dinner table, helping me with a school presentation, or hosting a gathering for alumni to get together and reminisce, everyone I met went above and beyond!

In addition to meeting students and families that have already participated in a semester at OA I was able to meet so many incredible potential students from the schools I was able to visit.  I get so enthusiastic when telling students about the opportunities that are available here at the Outdoor Academy and to see the excitement in their eyes during my presentation and hear it their thoughtful questions is such a positive feeling.  It is nice to know that even though I am not on campus, sitting at my desk doing work, my work on the road is making a difference. When you have had a long day and are sitting in a room by yourself and you receive an email that three students have just submitted applications from the school you just visited, it is an amazing feeling.

I feel extremely lucky to have spent the last few months getting to know the circle of these Outdoor Academy alumni and families, lucky to have listened to their stories of the four months that changed their lives, and it’s special knowing that I am part of something that is making a difference to so many people.  I am eagerly anticipating welcoming all the new students and families that will soon join this special OA family.

Cary Crawford, Admissions Counselor