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MAR. 21, 2013

Day at DuPont!

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Tuesday was an amazing day for students and faculty at the Outdoor Academy!

We spent the whole day in beautiful DuPont State Forest. Known for its spellbinding waterfalls and beautiful trails, DuPont is also a bit of a Hollywood Star- if you’ve seen the movies “The Hunger Games” or “The Last of the Mohicans,” then you’ve seen the beauty of DuPont. Setting out just after breakfast and morning chores, we made a base around Lake Imaging. Students had their regular morning classes outside; Math with Laura, French with Polly and Spanish with Rodrigo. During their free periods, they had time to explore around the area, write in their journals, and work on their crafts like knitting and whittling. After classes, we all shared a picnic lunch overlooking the serene Lake Imaging.


Yoga and stretching with Hannah!

After lunch we jumped back in the busses and headed a ways down the road to explore a different part of the forest. We hiked up Cedar Mountain to enjoy the rugged, more exposed rocky part of the park. We split up for our social studies classes, with Katie Harris joining History class to discuss literary perspectives on the Romantic Period, while Kate Howell led a discussion for Environmental Seminar about the rise of consumerism, materialism and our national addiction to shopping. Both conversations were especially interesting in the setting, as many Romantic writers wrote often of natural scenes with flowing, flowering language, and the stark, simple beauty of our surroundings offered a contrast to industrial consumerism. In English, students did an exercise in Flash Fiction, writing stories inspired by TS Elliot’s Objective Correlative in which they portrayed feeling and emotion by describing the natural world around them. Science class took advantage of our setting on the rock to discuss the geology of plutons, as well as the ecology of the exposed rocky environment. Then Hannah took all of the students for a session of partner yoga, followed by an all-school earth art activity where students created works of art from natural materials (in the style of Andy Goldsworthy) and then returned them to the earth.


Jumping for joy at DuPont!

These sort of days are so thrilling, informative and fun for both students and educators.

Give Thanks for the chance to learn outside on a beautiful day!