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DEC. 2, 2013


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For Thanksgiving, I cruised across the country at 30,000 feet above all the Midwest farm lands, leaving the hills of Appalachia, a place I am connected to and feel home, to the terrain of the Rocky mountains and the love of my family. Our little community here at OA gives me so much when I am not close to family, and it offers me a sense of feeling grounded and grateful for the transformative work I get to accomplish each and every day.

Relatives and friends continually ask me what I do for work, and I try to think of an elevator answer, but it is more than that, way more than that.  I feel as if I belong at The Outdoor Academy, this IS my life, my home.

Recently I have become so immersed in the world of OA because it is so good, and I wake up every morning super excited to transform students, faculty and everyone around. This place is so special, and words cannot describe the gratitude I have. So, I have compiled a few of my favorite pictures from the work we do on a daily basis, and my hope is you can feel the energy and power radiating through each and every one, and remember to change the world every day. It was good to be in Denver with my real family, but it is also good to return to my other family here at OA.  That my friends, is special.

Lucas Newton
Wilderness Programs Coordinator

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