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MAY. 6, 2014

Integrating Art and Music

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Have you ever wondered what math sounds like? As a part of the honors program at OA, students can choose one of three different routes. Avery chose to do a project to earn honors credit in his Pre-Calculus class. He wrote up a proposal and we both signed a contract outlining the parameters and requirements of his project and final presentation. Avery has a lot of background and interest in music so throughout the semester he has been working to compose a song using the famous Fibonacci sequence as his inspiration. The Fibonacci sequence gives something called the golden ratio and the golden angle, which are displayed all throughout nature. A pine cone, a sunflower, and the human body are just a few examples. How amazing that all these things in our world exemplify Fibonacci! This sequence can also be applied to other mediums such as visual art, architecture, and music. Avery’s choice in tempo, each note, and the ordering of notes in his song composition were all influenced by the Fibonacci sequence. He will present his final project to the school during lunch on Monday and Tuesday. For now, enjoy this audio representation of the Fibonacci sequence!

Click here to see and hear Avery’s song.

Jen Hilterman
Math Teacher